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WormBoss unites with sister sites under ParaBoss

The Sheep CRC has achieved the ambitious targets of providing current, accessible and practical information for effective sheep parasite control through WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss. To read more click here.

State Outlooks for March 2014

New South Wales

Worm activity has been generally (but not always) low, but this will change where rain has fallen.  Be vigilant with WECs.

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All summer drenching required should be well and truly finished and Autumn break strategies planned and prepared.  WEC lambs 5 - 6 weeks post-rain unless showing some symptoms. Around Benalla Barbers Pole is active on quite a few properties.

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Do WECs 6 weeks after significant rain.

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Western Australia

Management now is critical in terms of future worm developments.  Be vigilant.

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Feature article

Why‘Test before you drench’ if you already know the answer?

WormBoss knows many producers are cautious about adopting new management strategies.  They read and hear about how good things would be if they changed.  Well, this month we have a real live example.  The team also hopes to bring you some more of these so you can see what technology and knowhow delivers on the ground.

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