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Welcome to the first edition of ParaBoss News

In the updates, the news on worms will be the most common, but there will also be occasional notes on flies and lice.

Also look for the feature articles on each topic below the updates.

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State Outlooks for April 2014

New South Wales

Worm and flies are active where conditions are wet.  In drier and colder parts this activity is expected to decrease.  Fluke is being increasingly diagnosed and producers with country where fluke may build should check for it or treat if it is endemic.  Prepare pastures for lambing.

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Worm activity is highly variable and effective management will depend on WECs and stock condition. A few dollars spent on worm egg counts and professional advice will be money well spent.

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Not a lot of change - monitor where it has rained.

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Western Australia

All was quiet until a few days ago when there was widespread excellent rain.  While things will be quiet for a week or two, this will probably change dramatically. Gear up for WECs and don't forget that resistance is widespread!

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South Australia

Recent rain has not yet resulted in significant worm and fly activity in most production regions.  This may change. Continue to monitor so you don't have any nasties creep up on you.

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So far so good - worm activity has been modest.  It may well change, so don't drop your guard.  April is when producers become aware of lice - check your management.

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Feature articles

Sheep measles; potentially costly but easily fixed

Sheep meat prices are good.  Don't get discounted for 'sheep measles'.  It's easy to treat and there are additional benefits.

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So your sheep don't have lice—yet

While most new infestations begin from contact with infested sheep off-farm, sometimes the problem is an on-farm issue.

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What determines the risk of flystrike?

There are three factors that determine the risk of flystrike in the flock: the susceptibility of individual sheep; whether there are female flies ready to lay eggs; and weather conditions must be suitable.

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