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State outlooks for July 2014

New South Wales

Generally, worm egg counts have been low, but there are exceptions.  The rain has meant that producers need to remain vigilant with WECs.  The smart ones will be well advanced in preparing weaning paddocks.

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Generally pastures are in good shape and sheep nutrition is good - so stock are handling challenge well.  Regular monitoring is essential.  Fluke has been diagnosed in some districts.  Seeking professional advice could well pay dividends.

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Still dry - do not drench unless there is a worm egg count to justify it. Drenching when it's dry is a great way to breed resistant worms.

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Western Australia

Lambing is the main occupation and planning for future management is a very good thing to do.  Generally worm burdens have not been to bad, but do not stop regular monitoring

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Things are very wet and the worm challenge outlook has changed dramatically.  It is critical to get your management right, otherwise you might find yourself trying to salvage a train wreck.

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South Australia

Despite the cold, worm tests are showing that worms are still a significant threat, especially in hoggets. LIce are flourishing in the cold, but fortunately flies are taking a rest.

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