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You'll note something new on the WormBoss and LIceBoss websites (and soon on the FlyBoss site and the ParaBoss News)—advertising spaces. Be assured the Bosses will retain their independence and technical excellence. >> Find out more about why ParaBoss is selling advertising space. ---Arthur Le Feuvre

Feature articles

The fit for Startect in WormBoss regional worm control programs

by Lewis Kahn, Steve Love and Brown Besier

Startect® is a new sheep drench from Zoetis expected to be released September 2014. Startect® has a number of attributes that will benefit worm control and management of drench resistance, but there are some considerations. >> Read more.

Tackling resistance to flystrike treatments

from the FlyBoss web site

There are a number of management strategies that sheep producers can adopt to minimise the development of resistance or at least delay the onset of resistance. >> Read more.

Pesticide residues in wool

from the LiceBoss web site

Residues are mainly from lice and flystrike treatments. The highest residue levels generally result from long wool treatments or incorrect chemical use, but some post-shearing treatments can also leave high residues. >> Read more.


State outlooks for August 2014

New South Wales

Generally counts have been low to moderate with the odd high (some very high).  Fluke is active where it occurs - choosing an appropriate treatment is essential if resistance is to be kept to a minimum.  More recent rain may reactivate the worm populations, so do not skimp on monitoring.

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Worm egg counts are high. Test now if you have not done so - and keep testing to maximise weight gains and reduce the need for grain feeding later.  

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Forward looking producers are planning how to use new drench actives to reduce resistance to other actives and reduce the need for drenching overall - a heartening change for the better.

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Western Australia

With weaning under way or about to, check worm counts in both ewes and weaners.  Weaners should be given a drench which is known to be effective.  Do not guess!

Worm activity is fairly high on some properties and care needs to be taken not to make matters worse.

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Useful rain has continued, but worm activity seems to be under control on most properties.  Many will not need to drench at lamb marking - do a WEC to confirm.

Start thinking about the weaning drench.  It would be a good idea to use one of the newer actives Zolvix or Derquantel.

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South Australia

Some more rain would be very useful for crops and pastures.  The current short pastures may enhance larval pickup, so keep monitoring at regular intervals.  More rain and more pasture growth will improve sheep nutrition and resilience to worm challenge.

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