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From the Editor

In southern states it is all about weaning drenches and monitoring to see when to give the first summer drench.  In northern parts it is mostly about drought and a few barber's pole.

WormBoss training is now online: The team has developed online learning pages to help you get a handle on worms. There are two options, depending on how you like to learn. One option provides structured reading for those who want to get all the facts. The other offers questions and answers for those who like a problem-solving approach. >>WormBoss Online Learning    

 ---Arthur Le Feuvre


Feature articles

Barbervax—a new approach to barber's pole worm control

by Brown Besier, David Smith, Robert Dobson and Lewis Kahn

The release in October 2014 of the new ‘Barbervax’ vaccine against barber’s pole worm gives the sheep industries a new weapon in the fight against an old foe. This provides a major alternative to drench-based control, and will help manage drench resistance.  >> Read more.


Lambmarking check for breech strike susceptibility

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

If you've thought about stopping mulesing, but you weren't confident your sheep would manage, take this opportunity to assess them. At this lambmarking, do a count of breech strike-susceptible lambs. >> Read more.


Causes of rubbing in sheep

from the LiceBoss web site

Rubbing, biting and itching sheep are relatively common problems, but the correct cause is not always identified. If wrongly diagnosed this may subject the flock to expensive and unnecessary treatments. >> Read more.


State outlooks for August 2014

New South Wales

Highly variable activity, depending on whether you are in the north or south.  As always, check before drenching.  Saves time and saves money.

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Spring looks like finishing a bit tough.  WECs are decreasing in most places.  Monitoring is the key to making the right decision about timing the first summer drench.  It's a good time to do a Drench Resistance Test (DRT) if you haven't done one last year.  

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Apart from drought - there's not a lot to talk about.  Keep an eye on things (WEC) if you are one of the lucky ones to get under rain.  Selecting sires with ASBVs that include worm resistance is becoming more popular.

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Western Australia

Drenches for this year's lambs are front of mind (or should be).  A Drench Resistance Test (DRT) might also be a smart idea if you haven't done one last year.

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While worm activity has mostly slowed down, planning lamb management and the first summer drench should be front of mind.  Fly prevention options should also be thought through rather than just opting for a long term chemical.

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South Australia

WECs are decreasing in line with drier conditions (driest Aug/Oct since 1914—not looking good). However do not stop WECs, particularly if rain coincides with warmer weather.

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