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From the Editor

All things pass—so for those of you who came in late, WormBoss has turned 10. Do we break out the champagne yet?  Yes! But the work’s not over. There are many things for researchers and producers to do to help Australian sheep producers adopt sustainable worm control that uses an effective mix of management and drenches.  This is important because continued over reliance on drenches as the major weapon is neither sustainable nor most effective.

WormBoss celebrates 10 years!

Where did WormBoss come from? The concept of a simple, comprehensive information system for regional (and later Australian) sheep producers probably had its beginnings in the 1980s. 

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Arthur Le Feuvre


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Feature articles

Drench Resistance Tests—as little as 9 cents a sheep

by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

Some producers dismiss Drench Resistance Tests as too expensive or difficult. Just how much do they cost and how hard can they really be? >> Read more.

Improved reproduction linked to breech strike resistance

from the Breech Strike Genetics Newsletter Issue 6 (Armidale)

Fertility, fecundity and net reproduction rates are better in the CSIRO breech strike-resistant line, compared to the susceptible line of sheep. >> Read more (see page 3).

Shower dips: what are they good for?

by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

See how I use mine. But what about sheep lice treatments?. >> Read more.

The quick quiz

This 3-question quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep parasites and their control. >> Take the quiz.

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State Outlooks for May 2015

New South Wales
>> full report

Barber's pole has managed to hang on despite cooler weather and dry conditions.  In general, wormy issues have declined substantially, but don't get careless.

>> full report

Worms are on the march.  Do WECs now if not already done and continue regular checks.  Start preparing lambing paddocks.  Test for resistance if you have not done a test in the last 3 years.  It is critical knowledge to underpin effective management.

>> full report

A Leading Sheep workshop has provided practical knowledge on barber's pole control where it has rained.  Most of the state remains in drought.

Western Australia
>> full report

Do WECs now if not already done, particularly in weaners and ewes.  You should have prepared lambing paddocks for ewes lambing in the next month.  Keep up WECs.

>> full report

Egg counts remain low (except on irrigation), but keep an eye on things so you can do resistance tests should counts become high enough.  Don't forget to get larval diffs done with the WEC.

If thinking of buying automated lice/fly treatment machines, be certain to check that they have the capacity to do both jobs effectively.

South Australia
>> full report

Now is the time for careful assessment of WECs and condition score of ewes pre-lambing.  Some will not need drenching; saving drench and slowing resistance.  Getting it right is important.