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Check, update and save your ParaBoss subscription to win

In the May edition of ParaBoss News, we informed you that ParaBoss would send you your subscription username and password on June 1st. These can be found below.

A prize draw is being held to encourage subscribers to update their ParaBoss subscription. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

If you are an Australian resident and you update and save your subscription during June or July 2015, you will automatically go into the prize draw.

Unfortunately, the draw is not open to overseas residents; however, we would greatly appreciate overseas subscribers updating their details too.

You could win one of 9 prizes, total value $2610

Riverina Pasture Supplements

1 x $850 prize

Allflex Products

4 x $220 prizes

ACTA Mouseoff® BD Rodent Block 9 kg Pail

4 x $220 prizes

>>See the Competition details, terms and conditions.


How to update your details

The country, state, town and postcode fields are now mandatory in your subscription. This will allow ParaBoss to send alerts to specific regions, for example, to promote a parasite management seminar or workshop, and gives us a better knowledge of subscriber locations.

You will need your username and password; please keep these details secure.

Your ParaBoss Username:

Your ParaBoss Password:

1. Click here to go to the PARABOSS SUBSCRIPTIONS page and click the link to open subscriptions.

2. Use your username and password shown above to access your subscription details.

3. Check and update your details as necessary. 

4. Even if your details are already correct, press FINISH to activate your entry into the prize draw.


Further information:

ParaBoss Subscription Competition

ParaBoss Privacy and legal statement