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Worms are on the rise now

Rising burdens of barber’s pole, scour worms and the thin-necked intestinal worm have advisors urging farmers to keep checking their flocks this month. 

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State Outlooks for January 2016

New South Wales
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Barber’s pole pressure is high throughout most of the New England and slopes regions with multiple drench resistance in barber’s pole becoming commonplace. Scour worms are still an issue, Nematodirus prevalence is increasing and there’s a cautionary tale about liver fluke. 

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Conditions remain dry in the south west of Victoria. By February, all producers should have made the decision on whether or not to give a summer drench. 

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Much of Queensland is still drought declared but many regions have had showers of rain in recent weeks that may be just enough to initiate the barber’s pole cycle.

Western Australia
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This will be a wormy year, with more severe and earlier worm problems than usual. However, the likelihood will vary greatly between districts, mobs and farms. 

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Even though conditions remain dry, producers are urged to keep monitoring as Nematodirus is now evident in some flocks.

South Australia
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