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New England Sheep Worm Control Producer Demonstration Site.

Monday 15 February 2016, near Guyra, northern NSW.

A morning will be held for all New England producers and stock and station agents to learn how to implement the WormBoss integrated worm control program.

It is the first morning in a series of three, throughout the year, to walk people through the calendar of worm control activities.

This first event is critically timed as effective control through spring, summer and autumn is best achieved by preparing lambing paddocks from first of March each year.

Presented by Deb Maxwell, Paraboss Operations Manager, at her property (morning 1) including demonstration of DrenchTest procedure and preparing low worm-risk lambing paddocks.

Subsidised DrenchTests and WormTests may be on offer to producers, subject to participation and MLA funding.

Attendance FREE. Please follow this link for more information.