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Scary fact

Barber's pole just waste blood

Barber's pole worms use their lancets (shown at right) to produce micro haemorrhages on the stomach wall. Worms feed on this blood for about 12 minutes and then detach, but the wall continues to haemorrhage, often for another 7 minutes. What happens to this blood? Nothing. It just passes into the faeces, and sheep are left depleted of valuable red blood cells.

Feature articles

The path to low worm-risk paddocks with worm resistant sheep

by Lewis Kahn, ParaBoss Executive Officer

Worm resistant sheep have lower worm egg counts and it makes sense that, when compared with more susceptible sheep, this would result in fewer infective larvae on pasture over time.  But how big is this effect? >> Read more.

DrenchTest choices—too easy!

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

Don’t bother testing all those combination drenches you might use, just test the WormBoss list of key single actives, pop the results in the new online calculator and you’ll estimate the efficacy of all combination drenches that contain those singles. >> Read more.


by Lu Hogan, Sheep CRC is an exciting new web based tool that combines the power of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) with the latest in design and analytics to simplify the process of selecting rams. It can be used for Merino, Terminal, Maternal or Dohne rams. >> Read more.