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Lucilia cuprina. Source: Australian Wool Innovation
Lucilia cuprina. Source: Australian Wool Innovation

Scary fact: not just sheep!

Lucilia cuprina, the Australian sheep blowfly, is often used as a very helpful tool to aid medical and forensic professionals. It is known to be one of the first flies to occupy a corpse upon its death. 

Feature articles

Larvae on pasture—a view from the laboratory

by Jane Lamb, Research Scientist, Veterinary Health Research

Avoiding or maintaining very low numbers of worm larvae on pasture makes for very effective worm control, so an understanding of larvae and how they develop can help to manage or control larvae on pasture. >> Read more.

Consider pesticide resistance when choosing next season’s fly treatments

from the FlyBoss web site

The sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina has developed resistance to at least three classes of insecticides that have been used to treat or prevent flystrike on sheep. >> Read more.

Not all rubbed fleeces are lousy

from the LiceBoss web site

While rubbed fleeces are the number one indicator that your sheep may have lice, there are other causes for rubbed fleeces. >> Use the improved Rubbing Tool to assess the likelihood that sheep with rubbed fleeces have lice.

>> Find out more about causes of rubbing.

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