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Scary fact: Q fever can strike children assisting at lambing

Visitors, particularly children, who help you during lambing or calving, are at risk of being infected with the Q fever organism. While most people suffer mild signs when infected, others suffer severe prolonged debilitating illness. Testing and vaccination is available. >> Read more.

Feature articles

New and agisted sheep bring resistant worms home

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

Producers who have recently brought new or agisted sheep home after drought, have been caught out with resistant worms. Quarantine drench to avoid future problems. >> Read more.

Look after the mectin in Maverick®

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

Maverick is a lice treatment that also targets worms, but because it is a single active product you need to plan how to manage impacts on drench resistance in worms while treating lice. >> Read more.

AWI Technical Update on Breech Flystrike Prevention

from the Australian Wool Innovation web site

AWI's National Wool Research and Development (R&D) Technical Update on Breech Flystrike Prevention presented the latest information on breeding, management, breech modification and marketing in 2016. >> Read more.

Visitors helping at lambing are at risk of infection with Q fever
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