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Feature articles

Drench price—how important is it?

by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

The WormBoss Drenches section now shows drench prices—but price per dose should be at the bottom of the list of criteria when choosing a drench. >> Read more.

Exciting news in faecal egg counts, parasite identification and disease monitoring

by Jane Lamb, Invetus

INVETUS (formerly VHR + Vetx) is Australia’s largest veterinary research organisation offering a wide range of diagnostic services to the grazier to support animal production and integrate with farm management. See how INVETUS can assist you. >> Read more.

Pain relief products for sheep procedures

from the FlyBoss web site

Many producers already use Tri-Solfen®, but there are also two other pain relief products available —Metacam® and Buccalgesic®—for sheep management procedures. >> Read more.

Lice transfer—sheds, fences, moccasins

from the LiceBoss web site

Lice can live off sheep, but how much of a risk does this pose? >> Read more.

Are your goats losing weight?

from the WormBoss web site

Not all goats that are losing weight, weak and lethargic are suffering from worms, or they may be suffering from worms as well as another disease condition. Goats may become heavily parasitized because they already have a chronic debilitating disease that affects their immune system, or their ability to graze or absorb nutrients. >> Read more.


The quick quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep parasites and their control. 

1. What signs are associated with the disease Coccidiosis, which can affect both sheep and goats?

2. What three pain relief products are registered for use in sheep to provide relief during various management procedures?

3. How would you determine whether a long wool treatment for lice is warranted?

4. What online tool can you use to assist your day to day drenching decisions of your goats?

>> Check the answers.

Invetus is a merger between Veterinary Health Research and VetX
Sheep now have more pain relief options for management procedures
How important is drench price in a purchase decision