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Feature articles

No, really, frosts don't kill worms

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

The most commonly heard misconception about worms has to be “frost kills worms”, and therefore sheep don’t get infected after the frosts. >> Read more.

Are organophosphate flystrike dressings effective?

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

Resistance is widespread to these chemicals, so why are they still used? Because appearances can be deceptive. >> Read more.

Do your sheep need to be treated for lice at the coming shearing?

from the LiceBoss web site

A routine treatment when no lice are present not only costs time and money, but also adds unnecessary chemical residues onto wool. Check sheep for lice and use the LiceBoss Short Wool Lice Tool>> Read more.

Do goats develop immunity to worms?

from the WormBoss web site

The immune response by goats is complex and requires exposure to a sufficient level of infective worm larvae, and is not as well developed as with other livestock. >> Read more.

Fast Fact

Barber's pole worms lay thousands of eggs per day, compared to scour worms that only lay a few hundred per day. This higher egg output per worm means a WormTest (worm egg count) in the stock can be much higher for barber's pole worm before drenching is required.

Worm larvae withstand frosts
Only treat if your sheep have visible lice or there is a high probability of lice
Goats can develop immunity to worms