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Individual or bulk worm egg counts-either is better than none
Individual or bulk worm egg counts-either is better than none
Pain relief options for lambs at marking
Pain relief options for lambs at marking

Feature articles

Individual or bulk worm egg counts: is there a difference?

by Lewis Kahn, ParaBoss Executive Officer

When considering whether the individual or bulk WormTest method is better for determining worm egg count (WEC), it’s important to keep in mind that either method is better than not testing! >> Read more.

Lamb marking pain relief options

from the FlyBoss web site

There are now three options for providing pain relief to lambs at lamb marking. This is especially important if mulesing is still practiced. >> Read more.

Lambs can sabotage lice treatments

from the LiceBoss web site

If lousy ewes are treated before lambing, eradication may not be complete before lambs are born, with the potential for lice to spread to the lambs and then back to the ewes. >> Read more.

Rain!—goats at risk from barber’s pole worm

from the WormBoss web site

Heavy rainfall in areas across all states has brought the potential for barber's pole worms to thrive. Wet soil combined with warm spring temperatures will continue to allow worm eggs to develop to infective larvae while ever the soil remains waterlogged. Check goats more frequently to see if treatment becomes necessary. >> Read more.

Fast fact: Sarcocystis ruins your roast

Sarcocystis is a protozoan organism that forms cysts in the muscles of sheep or goats and has cats and dogs as its final host. Disease is rarely apparent in the prey host (sheep or goats) and never in the final hosts (dog or cat), but the cysts in muscle tissue are a cause of economic loss to the industry through trimming of carcases or, rarely, condemnation. The parasite is most common in southern Australia, particularly Tasmania and Kangaroo Island, South Australia.