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Should tapeworm infections be treated?
Should tapeworm infections be treated?
How does browsing improve worm control for goats?
How does browsing improve worm control for goats?
Web developer wanted
Web developer wanted

The quick quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

1. Should lambs be treated for tapeworm when segments are seen in their dung?

2. When is the optimum time to apply flystrike preventative treatments?

3. After applying a lice treatment, what is the Sheep Rehandling Interval?

4. How does browsing improve worm control for goats?

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State Outlooks for October 2017

Much needed rain has fallen in many regions while others areas are still quite dry. Barber’s pole worm infections, once considered a one in 10 year event after a wet summer in temperate zones, are now becoming more frequent due to above average winter temperatures. The recent rains have also prompted a flystrike alert.

We welcome Dr Peter Lynch from Toowoomba, Queensland as a contributor to the outlooks for that state.

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New South Wales
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Daytime temperatures are now optimal for worms and with the current short length of feed and green pick, the likelihood of a surge in worm burdens is very high

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Worm egg counts in general are quite high due to plenty of moisture and warmer weather. Some fly activity is expected in the coming weeks. 

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Time to consider conducting tests to identify any high counts in sheep and to test drenches to be used during this wormy season.

Western Australia
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With the higher worm risk this year, checks of worm egg counts in ewes are recommended in late spring. The lamb drench may be needed earlier than usual, as leaving it until the normal time of weaning may be too late.

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Unless there has been significant rainfall on your place, plan to wean early, at about 11 weeks after the start of lambing.

South Australia
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As spring gets into full swing, the contrast in seasonal conditions between regions becomes more obvious and reflects the pattern of worm infestations.