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The Quick Quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

1. Is dag an indicator of worm-resistance in sheep?

2. What factors influence the expression of fleece rot?

3. How do lice develop resistance to treatments?

4. What macronutrient is the most important for regulating worm resistance in goats?

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State Outlooks for November 2017

Many eastern regions of the country are on ‘alert’ for worm and fly outbreaks. Parasites are not so much a concern in the remaining sheep regions that are still quite dry.

A new area in NSW has been included this month – the Greater Sydney area – outlooks for this high rainfall region will be of interest to those who run smaller numbers of sheep and goats in the temperate regions of the east coast.

Is dag an indicator of worm-resistance in sheep?
What factors influence the expression of fleece rot?

New South Wales
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Given the recent weather conditions in the eastern half of the state, worms and flies will be out in full force. Western parts of the state remain quite dry and parasite numbers are mostly low.

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Mobs with high egg counts need to be drenched immediately, but for mobs with moderate egg counts drenching needs to be delayed until faeces become firm.

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There’s a worm and fly alert for the sheep regions that have received recent rains.

Western Australia
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If worm egg counts are around 200 eggs per gram or more (mob average), a drench is needed, but some of the best-conditioned adult sheep in the mob should remain undrenched.

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There’s not a lot of activity on the worm front, but now is the time to discuss the first summer drench as weaning is soon to start.

South Australia
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WormTest all age groups of sheep to understand the level of worminess across the flock and assess the risk of pasture contamination over this coming summer.