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Three sheep parasites cause anaemia
Three sheep parasites cause anaemia
Can long wool treatment eradicate lice?
Can long wool treatment eradicate lice?

The quick quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

1. Which of the following parasites that cause anaemia in sheep, goats and alpaca can only be detected by examination of blood smears?  Barber’s pole worm, liver fluke, or ‘Epi’?

2. Is the aim of treating for lice in long wool, to eradicate, or to just result in control?

3. Are scours and dags on sheep a greater blowfly risk than wrinkles?

4.  Are the dose rates of drenches always the same for goats and sheep?

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State Outlooks for March 2018

Many sheep raising regions are still very dry, but where rain has fallen and while the grass remains green, no matter how short, worms will still be active. In those areas, lice and fly monitoring is also being advised.

This will be the last contribution from Dr Bill Johnston, a well-respected Local Lands Services District Veterinarian based at Goulburn, NSW. The Paraboss team would like to sincerely thank Bill for his invaluable and insightful contributions over the many years, and we wish him well.

New South Wales
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Drench resistance in barber’s pole is becoming commonplace in parts of the non-seasonal rainfall zone. Also be alert to outbreaks of Nematodirus and monitor to determine if a pre-lamb drench is required.

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Monitoring frequency can be reduced until the autumn break. Any mature sheep not drenched or egg counted since early February should be checked now.

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Worm test sheep for barber’s pole in those regions that were lucky enough to get rain.

Western Australia
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By mid-April, worm egg counts should be close to zero for all classes of sheep. A drench now if required, will reduce contamination levels on pastures during autumn. Worm test late-pregnant ewes.

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As with last month the weaned lambs are vulnerable, but adult dry sheep are OK. Lambs on drier pastures are suffering from severe Nematodirus infections.

South Australia
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