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and worms in goats

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Other farm livestock species that can carry goat worms
Other farm livestock species that can carry goat worms
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The Quick Quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

  1. What drench group is typically highly effective against black scour worm, but frequently has reduced effectiveness against barber’s pole worm?
  2. What do visual wrinkle and fleece rot score assessments help you to do?
  3. Aside from sheep, name 2 other farm livestock species that can carry goat worms?
  4. Why do you need to consider flystrike treatments when looking at minimising the likelihood of resistance to lice treatments?

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What can you do to produce an EU Ecolabel compliant clip?

In our last feature article, we briefly discussed the EU Ecolabel criteria for wool. We have now added some more information on what you can do to produce an EU Ecolabel compliant clip.

WEC Service providers: Are you interested?

A popular WEC QA scheme for laboratories and other WEC service providers may re-commence under WormBoss to assist providers to maintain quality procedures and to endorse those delivering accurate services. >> Read more.

Please contact ParaBoss if you are interested to be a participant or have questions:

State Outlooks for June 2018

Winter has arrived with some quite cold conditions across the southern regions of the country. Much of the sheep grazing pastures are quite dry although there are exceptions. The stress of dry conditions and poor quality pastures have predisposed young sheep to subclinical worm burdens that may be affecting growth rates.

New South Wales
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A few quite high worm burdens of barber’s pole still hanging on from the late summer have been identified, so producers are urged to worm test at-risk mobs.

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Monitor to identify the spike in egg counts that always occurs from now until the end of spring.

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Worm control efforts are now directed towards providing worm-safe pastures for lambing.

Western Australia
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The winter worm pattern has well and truly started, even if pastures are still short.

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Same as last month: dry sheep are fine, but Merino weaners are wormy. There are also some hints for the organic farmers in the region.

South Australia
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Recent egg counts reflect the previously dry summer, so few sheep need a drench regardless of class.