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and worms in goats

The Quick Quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

1. What is a larval culture, what does it do and when might you use it?

2. What are the four key components of a successful lice biosecurity plan?

3. List the steps in the best practice treatment of flystruck sheep

4. Name a standard time when you should WormTest in goats.

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State Outlooks for month year

Monitoring mobs of sheep and paying particular attention to young stock is the advice for this spring. Conditions are becoming increasingly favourable for barber’s pole activity while in regions that have received adequate rain worm burdens may be at levels that require drenching. 

WormTest kits can be supplied by a number of laboratories and veterinarians and these may have different names and contents
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New South Wales
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Worm egg counts are variable reflecting the patchy nature of rainfall across the state in the last few months. Fly numbers are low at present.

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Producers are urged to continue monitoring stock worm levels in order to capitalise on spring growth.

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Worm test in the run up to summer to ensure that barber’s pole infections do not overwhelm drought affected stock.

Western Australia
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While there is green pasture, there is a worm risk. Blowflies are also expected to make an appearance.

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Lambing ewes are generally in good condition and lamb marking drenches should not be needed.

South Australia
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Pre-weaning monitoring has identified low counts in ewes and high counts in their lambs.