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Australia's resource for control of worms, flies and lice in sheep,
and worms in goats

New South Wales
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Regular worm testing remains critical for weaners due to continued sporadic rainfall and increasingly warmer weather.   

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Monitor and WormTest weaners 4-6 weeks after weaning.

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If you have been lucky enough to receive a couple of ‘inches’, it is highly likely that any worm larvae hiding in sheltered areas will have also rejoiced. Worm test first thing next year.

Western Australia
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Young sheep mobs are usually drenched in early summer. Sheep grazing green pastures need to be worm tested 3–4 weeks after any falls of rain.

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WormTest prime lambs every 2–3 weeks. If you are unwilling/unable to do this, then drench according to the calendar.

South Australia
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Worm burdens are currently low but recent rainfall has increased the risk of haemonchosis. Drench sheep if worm egg counts rise rapidly to exceed 500 eggs per gram.