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Lucilia cuprina, common sheep blowfly
Lucilia cuprina, common sheep blowfly
Smooth, cream-coloured Lucilia cuprina maggots
Smooth, cream-coloured Lucilia cuprina maggots
Suitable containers
Suitable containers
Place maggots in container and fill with dry dirt or sand
Place maggots in container and fill with dry dirt or sand

ALERT: rain may bring your last chance this season

Are your blowflies resistant to chemicals?

Get $3500 worth of tests for FREE

Time is running out to get your free tests this season as flies become less active in cool weather. Free tests will only be available for a short time next flystrike season before the project ends.

Collect maggots from a struck sheep, pack them up, send them to the lab, and get these very expensive tests done now for free.

The tests show which products should work against YOUR fly population and their length of protection.

Prepare now in case rain brings flystrike: read the instructions below.


(please read THIS LINK when actually collecting and sending)


  • Find a suitable collection container now: small, plastic, sealable (e.g. old plastic vitamin/spice/pill bottle).
  • Wash container thoroughly and make pin-prick air holes in lid (smaller than maggot size)
  • Put container in your paddock vehicle now.


  • Before applying chemical, collect at least 30 healthy Lucilia cuprina maggots (smooth, cream maggots—never add brown, hairy or spiky maggots as they eat the others).
  • Add maggots to the container and almost fill with completely DRY dirt or sand.
  • Seal container, except for pin-prick air holes and keep in shade.
  • Send them to lab by the next day or so (sooner the better).


  • Complete an information sheet with this:
    • Your name, address, phone and email
    • Date of collecting the maggots
    • Location of the strike on the sheep, e.g. breech
    • The most recent treatments (and approximate date) for fly prevention and lice applied in the last year to the struck sheep
    • Are you concerned any particular chemical treatments for flystrike are not working on your property?
  • In NSW, you can take your sample to your LLS office, who will send them.
  • Otherwise pack in a well-padded post bag and send to:
    • Reply Paid 65110
      Attention Narelle Sales
      NSW DPI
      BC Narellan NSW 2567
  • Postage is FREE with this address.

Chemical resistance in sheep blowflies

This project is an initiative of NSW Department of Primary Industries and Australian Wool Innovation. It includes testing flies to see the current extent of resistance, as well as development of a Blowfly Resistance Management Strategy document: recommendations to slow further development of resistance.