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and worms in goats

New South Wales
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WormTests performed across the region have been variable with some high worm egg counts while others continue to record zero egg counts. Use refugia strategies because drench resistance develops faster in drought conditions.

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A lot of sheep will not require a first summer drench this year due to low worm burdens, but they will need monitoring over summer, especially if rain falls.

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When it rains again, monitor the worm situation carefully as barber’s pole worm numbers can build up very quickly.

Western Australia
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Worm egg count a couple of mobs of weaners and hogget-age sheep to determine whether a drench in early summer is justified.  

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It is dry across the whole state, but summer rain, while most welcome, will change the fly and worm outlook overnight.

South Australia
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Only the occasional lamb mob in the higher rainfall area has required drenching. The latest information is that lungworm is more widespread than previously thought.

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