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Workshop: Preparing a parasite management calendar

—only a handful of places remain, register now—

While this workshop is aimed at advisors, we welcome leading sheep producers who are keen to learn more about parasite management.

We have a small number of "participant" vacancies ($120 for the day), where you join a team of 6 to act as an advisor. We also have just a few openings for "Farmer clients" (these are free, but are certainly not for everyone, see down at bottom).

This workshop involves 10 groups of 6 that will work together as a team to be an "advisor" (working with a "farmer client"), to learn the process of developing a parasite management calendar for a sheep producer.

Participants will learn everything that should be asked, all the technical points that should be considered, where to find relevant information and tools, and how to put it together into a useful planning and reminder calendar for a sheep producer.

Participant cost: $120

Location: Glenelg, SA

Date: All day Tuesday 10 March 2020

More info and registration link.

There will be so much expertise on parasite management that even the most unusual question should be answered.
ParaBoss staff, Susan Swaney and Deb Maxwell will run the event, assisted by our expert technical faciliatators: Colin Trengove, Kym Abbott, Andrew Whale, Paul Nilon, Graham Lean, George Cox, Gareth Kelly, Nick Rolls and Rob Woodgate.

Free - farmer "clients"

We have openings for just a couple more "Farmer clients".

The farmer client has a pretty tough job in this workshop, so think carefully before nominating yourself. (If being the client is not your cup of tea, you can register for one of the remaining participant places, $120).

A "farmer client" will be appointed to each of the 10 tables.

Just a few places remain
Thank you to our sponsors.

The other 6 people will act as a single "advisor" to you, the "client", and they will be assisted by 1 expert facilitator. You will need to be open to all of their questions relating to parasite management on your farm. Location, stock, times you do standard thigs like shearing, joining etc., when you generally sell or buy sheep, how you currently manage parasites.

Most of that you'll just be able to tell us off the top of your head in the workshop, but we'll talk to you before hand so you are prepared.

This is pretty daunting facing 6 people that are likely to be strangers and talking freely about your situation, and then being offered alternatives to what you currently do.

But at the end:

  • They will have developed 3 parasite management calendars (worms, flies, lice) for you (just for one enterprise or location if you have more than one).
  • You'll have had the chance to ask all the hard questions you like about parasite management.
  • You'll hear our expert faciliators go through the important considerations.
  • You'll become much more familiar with what ParaBoss has to offer.
  • You too will have learned the process to create such a calendar.
  • We'll feed you during the day too, of course.

ParaBoss does not provide any travel expenses or fees for this role, so ideally the drive in to Glenelg won't be very far.

If you meet the criteria below, you may nominate yourself as one of the farmer clients by simply replying to this email - but please do it soon.

We'll contact you to follow up.

As we may get more nominations than we need, we can't guarantee a place.

Criteria for free farmer clients

  • Be the decision maker in regard to parasite management on your property (neither a non-working owner/manager nor a worker not making the decisions will be suitable)
  • Be keen to learn more about parasite management and be open to new recommendations
  • Be an easy talker willing to answer questions and elaborate on things (we don’t want it to be like getting blood out of a stone).
  • Be prepared to be open about your parasite management, the issues, problems etc.
  • Have a couple of thousand sheep or more (genuine commercial or large stud operation).
  • Be reliable - you would have to commit to being able to attend on time all day so that the other people at the table are not let down.

You will need to bring some notes with:

  • Dates of key management activities: shear, crutch, join, lamb, mark, wean.
  • Dates of typical times to buy and sell sheep (and the classes).
  • Any results (just the final efficacies) of a DrenchCheck or DrenchTest if any have been done in the last few years.
  • A list of as many products as you can remember using (for worms, flies, lice)  in the last 1 to 2 years.
  • The rest you'll be able to just tell us off the top of your head.
  • If you have a lot or varied sheep operations we will only do the plan for one discrete property or section or enterprise of the farm.

Contact us  email with your name and phone number.

Deb Maxwell

Executive Officer, ParaBoss

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