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Paraboss Information Privacy Notice Update

We are writing to advise that the Paraboss Information Privacy Notice has been updated. 

Information provided during your registration as a subscriber, including your name, company and contact details will now be shared with our communications partner: Animal Health Australia (AHA) is the trading name for the Australian Animal Health Council Limited.

This information will only be used by AHA on behalf of ParaBoss to provide routine ParaBoss communications including the bi-monthly newsletter and other ParaBoss alerts or notices that may be of interest to you.

Animal Health Australia will not use or share your information for any other purposes, other than those you would expect from your ParaBoss subscription.

What do I need to do?

There is no further action required unless you would like to amend or withdraw your details prior to AHA being given access to the subscriber database. If you do not wish your details to be shared or wish to withdraw or amend your subscription please contact Liz Baiocchi here prior to 15 July 2020. 

By continuing as a Subscriber to ParaBoss you are accepting the updated Information Privacy Notice as part of the ongoing terms of your subscription.

Where can I find further information?

You can view the updated Paraboss Information Privacy Notice on the ParaBoss website.

You can also find important details on the collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information by Animal Health Australia in their Privacy Statement.


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