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NEW Flystrike Risk Management Planner tool

Australian Test Drivers wanted now
(see details at bottom)

This new interactive tool:

  • shows annual flystrike risk at your location
  • shows how your flystrike risk is affected by:
    • wrinkle, dag, and breech cover of your Merinos 
    • your shearing and crutching times
    • your treatments
  • optimises treatment times for you
  • lets you compare different management systems at your location
  • shows how changing each breech score affects risk

Particularly useful if you are considering stopping mulesing or you advise others on flystrike prevention or you simply want to review and optimise your flystrike prevention.

Risk is calculated from historic weather data on a 5 x 5 km grid across Australia giving data very close to you.

The tool is ready for release, but some real test drivers are wanted.

It is a DOWNLOADABLE tool. It does NOT work online.

Any Aussies (farmers, consultants, advisors etc) willing to provide some brief informal feedback (just a few comments, not a survey or questionaire) on ease of download and use, and usefulness of the tool should email ParaBoss, and a link to the test site will be provided.

Reply to this email with the details below to receive the link

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Nearest town
  • Postcode
  • Whatever roles you have in the Australian sheep industry (e.g. farmer, advisor, government or private vet, rural merchandise staff, pharmaceutical company, etc)
  • If you have any sheep: what breed/s and about how many.

Note: this tool will not work outside Australia as it relies on historic Australian weather data.