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Queensland worm update - August 2013

Arthur Le Feuvre, Warwick.

On any properties that have been implementing half effective worm management, worm activity should be fairly low.  Others may not be.

August is a critical month for effective worm managers in Queensland.  What is missed now will come back to bite later.

It is an unfortunate fact that there are still a lot of sheep places that “manage” on the “by guess and by God” principle – meaning they have absolutely no idea of what is going on wormwise in their sheep flocks.

No idea of drench resistance, worm activity, or worm management that works.  Just drench when you think it’s a good idea.

Right now, you should be doing worm egg counts on 2 -3 mobs and making a carefully considered decision on whether to drench and what to drench with.

Get this right and you should not have too many problems later – particularly if it decides to rain.

Start using the worm management plans for Queensland ( ).

They work!!

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