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Queensland worm update - February 2013

Comment – Arthur Le Feuvre: Many of you will be aware that Maxine and Judy at the WormBuster lab will be finishing up next month.

Maxine’s comments below concern me (and the WormBoss team and MLA/AWI).  Speaking frankly, Australian sheep producers seem to be reluctant to change the way they think about a few things – including worm management.  This is reflected in my earlier comments in the article by Johann Schröder.

Having a sustainable, profitable business is dependent on staying in front by adopting the latest management practices and technology.

When you consider that productivity in the wool industry has not progressed for many, many years (it should have at least doubled!), it’s not surprising that so many sheep and wool enterprises are struggling to stay afloat.

When you go into a business and buy something, you use it,  It’s crazy to have paid millions to discover wonderful advances and not use them!

Maxine Lyndall-Murphy, WormBuster Lab, Brisbane, (

Two conversations both with scenarios that amaze me.

Last year I did a workshop on a property near St George.  The conversation got around to how much rain had fallen.  Rain apparently is the stuff that falls from the sky and can be measured in inches, anything else that falls from the sky and is measured in mm that we 'city slickers' call rain, is something else but certainly of no importance.

I have just finished a conversation with the reseller out at St George.  Someone told me yesterday that the area was still dry so I thought I would check this out - true no rain has fallen but the land is covered by flood waters. Does Barber's pole on green pick under buffel care if water is from the sky or the river? Especially if there's a captive audience in the form of a mob of sheep marooned on high ground.  Pray the drenches used work!

More trivia. Producers in the Charleville/Cunnamulla regions drenched every class of sheep three times over the last 12 months. They didn't drench 5 years ago. Does that mean that WormBoss is contributing to increased drench usage or should we use the 30 year rolling average.  Or did producers not want to know their sheep suffered from worm infestations more than they thought.

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