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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - February 2019

Toowoomba: Peter Lynch, Veterinary Consultant, Livestock Veterinary Services (peterlynch@shwds.com.au)

The recent rains in Queensland have been devastating and disastrous for the affected areas. We remember and acknowledge all the producers in these areas and their veterinarians who are working hard to support their clients.

There were still some sheep producers remaining around Hughenden and Richmond. While I have not had contact with them, I would expect that most of them would have lost everything. Also, there are still a number of sheep producers down in the Winton area. They would have also been severely affected as some properties had 27 inches (686 mm) of rain over 2 or 3 days, accompanied by 90 kilometre per hour winds.

Most of the rest of Queensland sheep areas have remained hot and dry and are severely drought affected. There have been a few storms, mainly in the south-west, but they were patchy and very variable in quantity of rain received.

Very few egg counts have been performed. I suspect that most producers do not realise how many worm larvae can be found in small areas of green pick. Worm egg counts are still important.