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Queensland worm update - January 2013

Arthur Le Feuvre, Genie P/L, Warwick (

Worm Egg Counts (WECs) coming out of the WormBuster Lab (soon to be closed!) indicate that, despite the apparently hot conditions, worms—particularly barber’s pole—are still prevalent in many districts. High counts are coming out of districts where showers and localised thunderstorms are keeping green pick coming underneath taller dry growth. In these conditions, the humidity at ground level is often 100%—more than enough to keep worms happy.

The worry for the future is that if we get a late wet extending into autumn, worm challenges will continue into winter. Remember it does not get cold enough for long enough in Queensland to kill off barber’s pole. Some of the really great crashes happen in a wet winter.

Keep monitoring, particularly in young stock that have been showing WECs in excess of 3000 epg in some districts.

As you may have heard, the WormBuster Lab is being closed in March. You might also like to think about where you are going to get WECs and larval differentials done in the relatively near future. Not to mention advice that is competent.

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