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Queensland worm update - July 2012

Maxine Lyndall-Murphy, WormBuster Lab, Brisbane, (

Overall worm activity has declined, but high counts are still coming in from all parts of the State. While ever scattered rain continues to fall across sheep production regions, worms will stay active on those properties where management has been less than effective.

High worm egg counts (over 1000epg) came from Balonne, Ilfracombe, Clifton, Tara, and Inglewood. Counts over 500epg came from just about everywhere else.

You do not have to be Einstein to figure out what will happen if we get more rain and a bit of warmish weather!

As shown by the lack of drench checks (testing 14 days after drenching) and drench resistance tests, most producers do not know the efficacy of the drench they are using. Unfortunately, 2 things are happening:

  • Producers are not using the cheapest effective drench
  • They are assuming that expensive drenches will work.

Both assumptions impact on the bottom line of the business!

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