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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - July 2015

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Longreach: Charlie Nolan, Longreach Pastoral College, Program Manager Agribusiness, (

Longreach Pastoral College offers first class education and training for students aspiring to be the new wave of future young managers with values of food security and sustainable cattle, sheep and wool production in the pastoral regions of Australia. 

A key strategy of the College is adopt the ParaBoss programs to maximise productivity, and the range and quality of production products.

Longreach Pastoral College, like all sheep and cattle properties in the region, is suffering the worst drought in 50 years.  The College is managing the drought with cattle on agistment, feeding selected sheep and cattle, innovative/cost effective management and strategically marketing cattle at the best possible cash out points.

The College has adopted the ParaBoss programs to increase use of  ParaBoss alerts on likely increased activity of internal and external parasites. This will maximise the efficiency of livestock production within its seasonal variations and optimise its schedule for delivering  chemical free meat and wool programs.

Editor’s note: A warm welcome back for Charlie Nolan who was a Sheep Extension Officer with DPI Qld for many years.

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