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Queensland worm update - June 2012

Maxine Lyndall-Murphy, WormBuster Lab, Brisbane, (

Abamectin is in a new formulation used by a number of producers, most notably those in the pastoral region running large mobs of sheep.

Coopers Maverick for worms and lice is presented as a backliner to be used within 24 hours of shearing. The active ingredient is Abamectin. Pay attention to dose rates based on weight, and application technique. Check withholding periods for wool and meat, and wool rehandling periods.

While it was unseasonably warm in May, temperatures have now dropped and we are experiencing a cold spell – and a welcome relief from drenching, you would think. But worm egg counts through the lab are still moderate to high in many regions, including the pastoral zones and Maranoa. Worms don't go away for the winter. While those on pasture die might off through cold and hunger (they don't feed) those in sheep are safely tucked away from nasty external weather conditions.

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