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Queensland worm update - June 2013

Arthur Le Feuvre, Warwick (

The scattered showers and associated weather events across many parts of the State’s sheep production districts will keep Barber’s Pole worms ticking along.

Many producers think that Winter and (semi)-dry weather means that there is no risk and the worms are in hibernation.  The truth is that almost all days through Winter are not cold enough to really slow Barber’s Pole. 

So, if there is moisture in the form of heavy dews and/or rain, you can bet Barber’s Pole and a few of the others will keep on cycling.  Add warmer weather and significant rain and you can easily have a crash on your hands.  Keep monitoring.

If you have a need to drench at this time of the year a Naphthalophos combination ( see ) will clean up Barber’s Pole and most of the others.

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