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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - June 2015

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Texas: Noel O’Dempsey, Sheep Veterinary Consultant (

I visited the WormBoss site recently searching out an obscure piece of information. Whilst that search was not successful, it did remind me of the wealth of great information that is available. Of special interest is the information on the biology of barber’s pole. Knowing the enemy is most of the way to winning the battle.

Some retailers in Queensland are apparently still advising their clients to drench their sheep and goats every six weeks. Not only is this hard work, wasteful and encouraging the development of drench resistance, it may not be terribly effective if the drench used is not working properly. If your retailer is advising you to do something similar, it is well and truly time to get a new retailer who can offer you good advice as well as selling you drench. 





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