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Queensland worm update - March 2014

Arthur Le Feuvre, Warwick (

By and large, little has changed.  Scattered light falls in some regions will keep worm populations ticking over.  They are unlikely to enlarge - test before drenching.

As we go to print, substantial rain is predicted - let's hope it eventuates!

As there will be few larvae on the paddocks in most districts, a bit of smart thinking on what to do early after rain could pay dividends.

Barbers Pole (and others) worm larvae that is over-droughting in the gut wall in an inhibited state will emerge, mate and start the next crop of worms when the green feed comes on.  Do worm egg counts about 6 weeks after significant rain and when green grass has been available.  If there is evidence of a worm population emerging, consider what the weather outlook is.  If it looks like more rain (hopefully), then a highly effective combination drench will really stop any contamination of pastures and will hopefully kill all resident worms.

Do NOT drench just in case and don't use a single active drench that might not give an adequate kill.

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