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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - March 2015

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While rain occurred over a lot of the state in the past month, useful falls (i.e. enough to grow feed) were much harder to find.

The southern border areas east of about Goondiwindi had some useful falls that got better the further east you went. Most of the rain fell in storms, meaning it fell quickly and dissipated quickly, so totals are a bit suspect when it comes to pasture response to what appears a good fall. The situation was similar in parts of the Warrego.

The upshot of this as far as worms go is also limited. Larvae will have been released from dung pellets, but in areas where things got dry and very hot again pretty rapidly,  most larvae will have perished before they were taken up by stock. However, in areas that only reached hot (not 'bloody' hot by Qld standards), larvae could stick around a month or so before running out of energy.

Therefore, keep an eye on things with a few WECs. The last thing you need is to assume all is well, have a good finish to autumn, and then fall in a heap in late autumn and early winter. Please remember that if moisture is sufficient, it is rare in Queensland (except close to Stanthorpe) for temperatures to get low enough and stay low enough to slow down barber’s pole development.

Blowflies continue to be largely a non-event just about everywhere.

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