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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - May 2019

Texas: Noel O’Dempsey, Sheep Veterinary Consultant (odempseyn@gmail.com)

At lamb weaning in the last few weeks, I worm tested (Worm Egg Count) each mob plus the hogget ewes as they were yarded. Most groups were less than 50 eggs per gram (epg), which is the lowest level I have reported, but two groups had worm egg counts of 100 epg. I did not treat the ewes from these groups, but did drench the weaners. A timely reminder that despite the dry, barber’s pole are still around and seemingly waiting for me to drop my guard.

Question: How are barber’s pole larvae stored in the laboratory for later use?

Barber’s pole larvae will last in water in a refrigerator at 8–10°C for about 3 months. They will also survive 4°C temperatures for a few days. So a few frosts are unlikely to kill significant numbers of barber’s pole larvae (except perhaps a few in exposed areas) especially as daytime temperatures are up in the low 20°Cs, despite the folklore that says that they will.