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Queensland worm update - November 2013

Arthur Le Feuvre, Warwick.

For the majority of sheep production districts, lack of rain and a screaming drought are the main concerns.

Towards the east, on parts of the Maranoa, Darling Downs and Granite Belt, some useful rain has fallen.  In these lucky places, worm egg counting should be under way.  The option is to spoil Christmas and New Year by having to take remedial action just when you should have the feet up.

The whole idea of doing WECs is to see worm problems coming.  Doing them when sheep are thinking of falling over or already with a significant (but invisible) infestation is a waste and shows poor timing and a lack of understanding of what good worm management is.

The same with resistance testing – if you can visibly “see” a drench has not worked, then you have stuffed up big time.

WECs and DRTs are exception value for money and take the guesswork out of a difficult problem.

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