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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - October 2014

Warwick: Arthur Le Feuvre (

About the only thing you can say about Queensland these days is that almost all sheep districts are droughted—the only variation is in the severity. Adding to the woes of western pastoral districts are swarms of 'roos descending on any areas where there has been any sort of shower (some as small as paddocks). By and large, of course, worms are not an issue compared to lack of feed. Next month will give a firmer indication of the summer outlook, but right now you would say it's mostly poor.


Texas: Noel O'Dempsey (

Great to see more and more sheep producers who are selecting their replacement rams on measured worm resistance. If your ram supplier, whatever the breed, is not providing these results for their rams ask ‘Why not?’

The rams I purchased last year had average YWEC MERINOSELECT ASBVs of minus 52% approximately with a range of minus 41% to minus 64%.

If you do not understand what to ask of your ram supplier or how to use the results, Leading Sheep will host a webinar if there is sufficient interest.

If you are interested, replies to or

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