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Queensland worms, flies and lice update - October 2015

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Brisbane: Maxine Murphy, Veterinary Parasitologist (

Shearing is well underway. Decisions about worm, fly and lice treatments need to be made (LiceBoss tools; Fly Boss tools). Any bought-in sheep, including rams, need to be quarantined appropriately before being merged with other sheep on the property. While conditions remain difficult, parasites are not likely to be seen as important, but even a very low worm burden will magnify the effects of poor nutrition leading to ill-thrift from chronic anaemia, and reluctance to move when mustered.

Matching feed availability in paddocks to stock requirements is critical during difficult dry times. As feed dries off it is important to estimate the amount of pasture left, its nutrient level, and how long it will support the number of stock being carried. It might also be helpful to do a diet quality test. In addition, stock requirements vary with age, class and pregnancy or lactation status. Feed requirements increase dramatically towards the end of pregnancy and into lactation. For more information visit the DAF website.

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