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South Australia worms, flies and lice update - November 2016

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Adelaide: Colin Trengove, Sheep Health Lecturer (UA Roseworthy campus) (

The good season rolls on, although between hailstorms and bushfires within the space of a week, it is hard to know what to expect next. Climate variability at its best and the climatologists said we can expect this to be the norm. Given the adaptability of parasites they will not be troubled by such matters.

Despite the abundance of dry matter in most paddocks this spring, some worm egg counts have continued to be elevated even into the 1,000s—although these were suspected to be Haemonchus. This is to be expected with the abundant moisture and warm soils. It also highlights the need to be vigilant with monitoring and not to assume all is well because feed is abundant. The nature of parasites is to limit productivity occasionally when you least expect it.

Harvest is well underway on the west coast, while it is still a few weeks off in the mid north and south east. This situation underlines the need to have plans in place well in advance to ensure nothing is overlooked in the lead up to harvest...such as checking the need for the first summer drench. Worm egg counts are performed across all age groups prior to haying off to determine the need for drenching. With all the other activities during spring these procedures need to be scheduled well in advance. They are also especially worthwhile in these above average years as they help the worm control strategy the following season.

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