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Tasmania worm update - February 2014

Paul Nilon, Nilon Farm Health, Tasmania (

The last 4 weeks have seen record hot spells and the driest Jan on record.  We normally get about 3 or 4 days above 30C in a summer.  This year I suspect it's closer to 14 or 15 days, and there have been many recordings in the high 30s and even the low 40s.  All this hot weather and yet the egg counts have remained high.  Not really a surprise when you consider how cool it was until late December, how much contamination was laid down in the spring and the (still) abundant ground cover. It's not the year to miss a second summer drench.  The overall message is the same as last month's:

  • Protect Brassica crops, grass seed and clover aftermaths by drenching onto them.
  • Give a second summer drench to all stock on perennial pastures.
  • Monitor weaners and finishing lambs relentlessly.
  • Prepare for a bumper worm crop after any autumn rain.
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