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Tasmania worm update - July 2012

Paul Nilon, Nilon Farm Health, Tasmania (

An ABC interview with the Met Bureau yesterday suggested that June/July rainfall was average to slightly below. Which explains why we are bogging to the diffs and water is running out the sides of hills. While what has fallen may be meagre, after 3 wet winters the subsoil is full and our famous “shit-over-clay” soils can hold no more.

Consequently, we have ideal conditions for Trich Vitrinus to thrive. Clients have chosen their pre-lamb treatments. Those using short acting products should have the fall-back position of drenching at lamb marking if the system collapses. By the way, it is worth reading Steve Love's worm faxes about the differences between merinos and Romneys in lambing immunity dip.

Now, a brief mention of the forgotten sheep: left over lambs. Short rotation rye pastures will, mostly, be more contaminated than the Fukoshima beachfront. Consequently, they will need tight management if they are to finish before they cut their first teeth and their value plummets. Monitor every 3 weeks and use a low trigger (say, 200epg) while being mindful of product ESI's.

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