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Tasmania worm update - June 2012

Paul Nilon, Nilon Farm Health, Tasmania (

Since the last missive most of the State has received substantial rain (50-250mm), while it has remained warm for June. These are ideal conditions to get the worms moving and this is reflected in the WECs which have gone up considerably in a short period. There is enough time to get another generation or two of contamination onto the ground before lambing starts for most people.

Therefore, get weaners off lambing paddocks or drench them at the recommended triggers. Check the ewe's WECs: most mobs are holding up well but there have been a few surprises. If the ewes have a high count the choice will be between giving an additional winter drench or going early with a long-acting product.

The good news is that the rain has flushed the creeks running into the lakes on the central plateau. This should aid a strong spawning run and keep the lakes at a high level, ensuring a good start to the fishing season which begins in August. Priority is everything.

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