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Victoria worm update - August 2012

Tricia Veale, Benalla (

In this area of North Eastern Victoria we have had some continuing really good rains. There was 103mm total in July and 47mm so far for August.

A large number of properties where Liver Fluke, Fasciola Hepatica, have been cycling have had positive test results. Fluke now appear to be active in this area.

Worm egg counts are at quite high levels generally. We suggest that you get stock tested regularly as it is now essential to keep up with the worm levels in stock, especially in paddocks where ewes have young lambs.

It's also important not to drench animals unless it is needed to avoid the increasing of drench resistance. So do test first!

Coccidian oocysts of mixed Eimeria spp. are now very evident in young calves, cria, kids and lambs. If your young animals are scouring badly, I suggest that you get some dung samples examined. You can then determine if large numbers of Coccidia or worm eggs are present.

Also keep a check on young lambs to make sure they are not shedding Moniezia sp, tapeworms or eggs.

This way you can be sure of giving animals the correct treatment.

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