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Victoria worm update - December 2012

Tricia Veale, Benalla (

In North Eastern Victoria it is very dry with little rain in the last two months. The rainfall for November was 16.5 mm with only 1mm so far for December. Fortunately most dams are still reasonably full.

Most farmers are busy harvesting and checking their animals for fly strike. Fly is now very prolific.

Worm egg counts are currently at low to moderate levels in this area. Farmers are now sending in many tests to keep abreast of the situation.

Samples from some properties have revealed the presence of Liver Fluke eggs. So if you are on a property where Fluke are present then it is a good idea to request a test for these too.

It is really important not to give sheep the first summer drench unless they need it. We note that quite a few local farmers have recently drenched sheep without first testing them to make sure it is required. These farmers are in a very real danger of creating drench resistance problems on their property.

Quite a few farmers have unwittingly introduced worms onto their properties because they failed to quarantine drench newly purchased animals straight off the truck with a combination of drench groups. It’s virtually impossible to find out the truth about the drench resistance or Barber’s Pole worm status of the vendor’s property. Also with the rapidly increasing incidence of worms that are becoming resistant to drenches it is vital not to import other peoples’ resistance problems.

Happy Christmas and a very productive 2013 to all!

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