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Western Australia worm update - August 2013

Nicole Swan, Swan’s Veterinary Services, Esperance (

It is very wet!

Mob averages this month have ranged from 0 epg to 460 epg with individual counts up to 1550 epg. One property had a Lectin test done for Barbers pole, with a result of 6%.

One property with counts ranging from 0 to 1550 epg , average 285 epg was a mob of weaner lambs drenched 5 weeks earlier with moxidectin but onto contaminated pasture. These sheep are being drenched with Closantel and rechecked post drenching.

Another property tested ewe lambs (2012) drenched in November with Zolvix. These had an average of only 35 epg.

We have seen a couple of cases of ill thrift/ dying sheep due to Barbers pole. This was diagnosed on post mortem.

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