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Sheep producers: Would it be useful if your rural merchandise staff—the people who sell you drenches, backliners and dips—were accredited by ParaBoss to show they had a solid knowledge of sheep parasite control?

Rural merchandise staff (and others) who give any advice about worm, fly or lice control in sheep: Would you be interested to be recognised for having current best-practice knowledge of parasite control of sheep (and cattle and goats in due course)? Would you be interested in further training if you are not up to date?

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More information

Sheep and goat producers get advice on parasite control from many sources. But the people who are at the front line and asked the most about parasite control are rural merchandise staff because they are at the point of sale for treatment products.

The information given by these individuals varies considerably from excellent up-to-date advice on most aspects of parasite control through to plain wrong advice being given.

ParaBoss is developing a program to accredit and give recognition to advisors, be they merchandise staff, consultants, vets or stock agents, if they have a solid, sound knowledge of sheep parasite control.

ParaBoss plans to promote those with accreditation through in-store displays, through news articles in the rural press, and on the Boss websites. The accreditation will belong to an individual – it’s just like a qualification and could be helpful in getting a new job, a promotion or to promote your services.

Training options would also be available to allow people to gain the knowledge they need to become accredited. And if you already have all the right knowledge, you would be able to do the test and become accredited without further training.

Whether you are someone who provides advice or receives it, your opinion is wanted.


Producers: do you already assume your reseller knows the facts? Would you place a higher value on the advice received from someone who can show they have ParaBoss accreditation? Would you sometimes seek them out if you had questions on parasite control? Would you even go to aother store to ensure you spoke to someone accredited by ParaBoss?

Advisors—that includes rural merchandise staff, vets, consultants, extension staff, TAFE instructors, stock agents and other people that suggest a certain product should be used or give advice on other ways to control parasites.

Your opinion is wanted on:

  • the value of accreditation, how you would prefer to do it and its time and cost.
  • training – how, where, acceptable costs and time, etc?
  • promotion of those with accreditation—how, where would you prefer this?
  • Further professional development – for those with accreditation: what next, how would you want to be kept up to date?


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Or provide your name and phone number and we’ll call you to get your opinion.