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2021 June

The quiz questions are taken from the Boss websites or:

The online learning pages focus on the important topics within worms, flies and lice and offer two approaches to learning: structured reading and question and answer.

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Immunity can be either innate or acquired, do you know the difference between the two?

Immunity is the means by which sheep become resistant to worm infection. The immune response by sheep is complex and requires exposure to a sufficient level of infective worm larvae.


Innate immunity is displayed in the first exposure of sheep to infective worm larvae and does not typically play a large role in resistance to worms.

Do you know where to find the Meat Withholding Period (MHP)?

The meat WHP appears on the labels of all registered veterinary products.


Withholding periods are mandatory with all registered veterinary products used to treat sheep for worms, flies or lice. These periods have been developed to indicate when the chemical residue that remains in or on meat and wool products will not exceed the maximum residue limit. 

Can you name more than five flystrick risk factors for sheep?

Sheep breed
Wool type
Wool length
Wool colour
Neck, body wrinkle/folds
Breech traits: wrinkle, dag, cover, urine stain
Time since last shearing or crutching
Last chemical flystrike prevention applied and time since application
The individual sheep's susceptibility

Can you name the parasite that cats can give to you and your goats?

Toxoplasma - to find out more go here

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